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This silk mask is crafted from luxurious silk, which is washable in the wash machine.
The design has an extra cotton layer on the backside. This layer makes sure the fitting is comfortable and the masks will breath easily. In addition, the sides on the back are made of silk which makes the mask soft and comfortable against the skin. This silk face mask is pre-shaped and is therefore comfortable to wear. It’s a reusable commuter face masks (non-medical grade).
The silk mask has a pocket opening inside for the insert of a filter. One washable Spunbond filter (recommended by The WHO) is included.


  • The outer and inner fabric is 100% silk suede charmeuse.
  • The included filter is Spunbond non-Woven 100% Polypropylenec


Silk masks are tested successfully for washing on 60°.
We recommend washing the mask after every use with delicate wash, 30°. That will clean the mask sufficiently. Every now and then you can wash the mask on 60 degrees for sanitation.

Sustainability and tracing

Studio Heijne’s face masks are reusable. You can wash them over and over again. Reusable products are by definition more sustainable than disposable products, because they give less waste.
This face mask is made of silk. Silk is not only an amazing and beautiful quality, it is also sustainable. It is made of natural fibers and the production process is relatively harmless to the environment (no chemicals are used).
The silk twill with art prints in Blue Vault are woven and printed with digital print techniques at Taroni, an Italian family business based near the Como lake.
The printed dotted silk is produced in the Wensli Factory in China.
The washed silk is sourced from Exotic silks. Exotic silk imports the silk from Thailand, China, Korea, and India.
Made in Studio Heijne’s atelier in Lithuania

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