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This clever shawl is spun from luxuriously soft Royal Alpaca wool and offers the perfect amount of warmth year round. Thanks to its versatile features and perfect smart casual look, you´ll never run out of ways to layer it. This timeless design piece features a modern addition allows you to put your hands in the pockets for extra warmth.


100% Royal baby alpaca


Dry cleaning : Please use professional cleaning service that has experience with alpaca wool. Inform your cleaner of any spots or stains. Ask the cleaner to use a fresh solvent in low temperature and a process that does not involve tumbling. Some wool may start pilling (the appearance of tiny balls of fluff on the surface of the fabric). Dry cleaning may increase pilling, but your cleaner should remove them as part of finishing process. Handwash : If you decide to wash the product by hand, please use lukewarm (30°C) water and very light detergent or wool shampoo. Never use chlorine bleach. Rinse the item as many times as necessary to wash off any detergent or shampoo. Remove excess water by carefully pressing the wet item, avoiding creasing or twisting.Dry the product flat or in horizontal position and in shade, avoiding stretching. Do not tumble dry. The dried item can be ironed on low temperature, if needed.

Light Travel Shawl

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